DRIVE Launch

This weekend was the exhibit for all USU seniors graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in graphic design. Because I've been primarily focused on creating the brand identity for Drive this semester, I decided to use the exhibit as an opportunity to take the brand public.

Up until now, I haven't talked about it very much and only close friends knew about the whole idea. But now that the cat's out of the bag, it's so amazing to see all of the support I've received from people around me over the last few days. I'm feeling so confident and excited and I can't wait to continue building this business and creating something I'm passionate about.

I have two more weeks until graduation, and then I'll be off to New York City for a few days where I plan to SHOP like crazy. I can't wait to come back with suitcases full of new products and free time to work on modifying them. Keep an eye on Drive's Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates!